Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Moments/Events/Days in My Life I'd Like To Repeat
1.  October 20, 1988,
2.  June 17, 1992,
3.  The days I found out I was pregnant.
4.  My wedding day.
5.  Living in my first apartment.
6.  The dinner for my Daddy's birthday when I cracked him up with his gift.  (A Customize-Your-Caddy kit for the car he bought from Porter Wagoner.)
7.  The trip to Panama City I made with my children and my best friend.
8.  Any Bee Gees concert I ever attended.
9.  Any summer when I was in elementary school.
10.  Seeing the Lincoln Memorial, Ford's Theatre and The Petersen House.


  1. I think these are great choices - and not obvious.

    I guess we think a lot of things that are obvious, are only that way to us.

  2. Great list. FUnny but the days I found out I was pregnant I panicked. Each time. Even though I wanted to be pregnant. My favorite days I'd repeat would be all the days I nursed my children. LOVED nursing them

  3. I loved the "any summer when I was in elementary school" but for me it could go through high school. All day to read...



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