You Know, Just In Case

I bought a couple of new bras recently.  Yep, my life is on fire.

The first time I put on one of the new bras, I thought, "Oh, yeah --- this is gonna work.  SO much better than my old bras."

That comfiness turned into PLEASE-let-me-take-this-thing-OFF within three hours.  And as I was taking it off, I thought, "If I'm ever In Control, every man should have to wear a bra for a day.  Or high heels."   (I go back and forth between the two.}

I will never, though, change my wish that every man have one menstrual period.  Just one.  Cramps and all.  Not even a particularly wicked one --- but definitely one with some punch.

Then, to be fair, all women would get to have testicles for one day.  And be hit in them.

My hope would be that Life's Playing Field might be a little more even after those experiences.


  1. Heels and bra while having a period. Getting nutted (as the kids say?) can't be much worse than that- and more infrequent. But yes, perhaps compassion and empathy would be in greater circulation.

  2. well now that 's an interesting post..

  3. Add being 8.9 months pregant. In July. Then breastfeeding in August.


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