(Pictures and Asking a Question)

My favorite fruits are bananas and peaches, so:
I thought the stitches in this pattern looked sort of like bananas.
I don't have any true peach yarn, but I thought this jacquard would work.

It's a pretty short turn-around, giving prompts on the 27ths and the 3rds of the months, but I'll have another one for you on Wednesday.

Now, my question.  Have any of you ever felted chenille?  My KnitCrate yarn this month is chenille, and the patterns call for felting.  I wouldn't have ever thought to do that, and now I'm anxious to find out what the result might be.

Have a good week, everyone.


  1. I did a scarf from the original Scarf Style book and it was a chenille that got felted--mostly just to tighten it up--just googled it, the yarn was Muench Touch Me. It didn't felt like wool felts, it really just gets firmer and still feels good. I think Pilot ate it eventually.

    Muench Touch me is
    72% Rayon
    28% Wool

  2. Never heard of felting chenille......interesting.
    Love your banana yarn love

  3. I am having the best time using up odds and ends of stash, but I am taking the prompts VERY loosely. So far I have 6 or 8 squares, and only a few follow your prompt. But I am hoping that the others will find their prompt eventually too! :-)


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