Monday, December 7, 2015

Swing and a Miss

You'll recall that, along with the canned dog food sent us to try, there was a full-size sample of freeze-dried salmon pet treats:

I'm sorry to say that no one here was interested in trying them.  I did not offer one to Madeleine, since she is on the controlled diet, but the answer from everyone else was a definite "no."

Each month, I receive products from  I "test" them with my pets, and provide true-to-life reviews of our experiences with them.  There is no financial compensation whatsoever for these reviews.


  1. We have some misses here too. It is great to Try things from Chewy for free and they are so helpful when you really order something from them

  2. Donate them to your local animal shelter. There are bound to be some non-picky eaters there.


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