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Now and Then

I got to visit Madeleine today.  She has lots of tubing going in lots of places.  But she seemed glad to see me, and was rolling over (by leading with a head rub on the floor) for tummy rubs by the time I left.

She has been shaved in all sorts of spots for the tubes and the ultrasound.  Her electrolytes are back in balance, she's happy to eat (liking both the canned and crunchy foods they've offered her), and the plan is still to ease off of the IV and start on insulin injections.  Ideally, she'll come home Thursday!

I wish I had a photo, but my telephone camera won't focus.  SO inconvenient.  She's still in ICU (where cameras probably aren't allowed anyway), with two other cats.  One, in the cage next to hers, looks just like her.  In fact, I said hello to him when we first walked in.  He looked much more ill than Maddie.  She looked tired, and a little bored, but it didn't take her long to realize it was me.  It was hard to leave her, but I can see her again tomorrow if I want.

After that, I picked up Hannah so we could spend some time together before she had to be at work.  We ate at Panera, and talked and talked.  I'm going to have to do some intense strategic planning with regard to Christmas this year.  Her boyfriend is very, very allergic to live trees, which means they can't be here on Christmas Day.  So, Briton and I may go to their place.  That means Will (the boyfriend) gets to cook for us, which is what he loves to do.  Time to mothball some old traditions, and start some new ones.

I still haven't breeched the door standing between me and the Christmas stuff, but here's a picture of Madeleine with our customary under-the-tree Nativity scene:


  1. It can be hard to change long-standing traditions with regard to the holidays. I'm glad you're willing to make some changes! I know of a couple people who refuse to adjust and their holidays end up being miserable because they try to do everything.

  2. Oh My Rozzy loved the Creche and also wanted to be part of it.
    Here's to your homecoming!

  3. I read somewhere that people allergic to live trees do OK with two certain kinds. Which of course I have now forgotten, since I don't have allergies to trees ...

    But a Christmas breakfast is always good. :-)


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