My son finally heard from the other driver's insurance company today.  The wreck was a week ago last night.  He was in the shower when the rep called, then he got her voicemail when he tried to call back.  Hopefully, things will start moving soon.  Car-sharing is wearing on both of us.  Which is weird, considering only one of us has a job. . .

I was looking through some pictures today and came across this:
That's Bridget on the left and Shari on the right.  Shari and I have been best friends since middle school.  Bridget and I met many years ago, as pen pals, I think.  Is that right, Bridget?  (ETA: We met through a swap.  Bridget has a much better memory than me.) At any rate, these are two important people in my life spending time with each other.  And with me.  At the now-defunct Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia.  Those were such fun days.  I'm glad I found this to remind me.


  1. We met via a swap! That was such a good day. And I love how Shari has Miss Greta splayed on her lap.


  2. awww Im thrilled you have dear friends from long ago. They are a special kind of friendship!


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