Sitting here yesterday, I caught a little chill, so I went to get my robe.  I put it on, sat back down on the couch, and immediately felt like I was getting sick.  That wasn't true, but I found it interesting that my body's reaction was, "She's putting on a robe --- she must be ill."


  1. I had a similar experience during my first pregnancy. We had just gotten our first PC at work, and I was spending a fair amount of time on it at the same time as I was feeling that first trimester nausea. Later in the pregnancy, after the nauseous stage had passed, I found I would start to feel nauseous every time I sat down in front of that PC. Happily, that passed.

  2. Glad you are not really sick!!! Ive been having so many hot flashes in the humidity here! One reason I love winter now..I can step outside and get relief immediatley when the flashes hit !


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