Monday Quarterbacking

I am not gonna lie;  I'm really happy that Sam Elliott is The Knitters' Hunk.  
I've been in love with him forEVER.  ("Lifeguard," anyone?*) It's one of those things about me that you know if we spend more than, oh, say, 18 minutes together.

Both fields, Hunk and Chick, were top-notch.  Quite a few of the nominees sort of mesmerized me as I looked for photos of them.  Lucy Liu doesn't appear to have ever taken a bad picture.  Pretty much the same story for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Chris Evans, Julianne Moore and Aishwarya Rai.  Kiernan Shipka is amazing.  Viggo Mortensen is much, much better-looking when he doesn't smile.

 One picture that was/is so brilliant, but, ultimately, unusable:
I can't recall who Harrison was up against when I found this, but I didn't find matching bike shorts and black knee socks for whomever it was.



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