Keeping with the interesting Photo Facts of yesterday, I ran across this:
Heughan on the left, Coster-Waldau on the right, Norman Reedus in the center.  I'd like to know what the occasion was for this triumvirate.  And, in truth, I've been surprised no one has ever nominated Norman for KH.

ANYway. . .

Upon completion of this voting, all the blanks in the Second Round brackets will be filled.  And we will move quickly and efficiently into Round Three.  Already waiting for us there are:

Sam Elliott
Helen Mirren
Sam Neill
Rashida Jones
Alexander Skarsgard
Meryl Streep
Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

(Has anyone else noticed the surfeit of "Sam"s we have this year?)

There was a tie between Lucy Liu and Betty White, so I'll give you an opportunity to break that, and finish filling out the third round.


  1. I didnt like Alan or Viggio so that was interesting! :)

  2. I had to visualize Aidan as Ross Poldark in order to vote. HARD!


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