Me and Mine

So, I'm cat-sitting for the next couple of weeks, as my daughter and her housemates move.  They are going to an interim place, as the house that they are going to go to won't be ready until August 9th.  No one wanted the cats to have to go through two moves, so, Hi, Mom!

Wooper (a housemate's) is spending her time here in Hannah's room.  She is, I have been told, fast, hide-y, and potentially aggressive.  She is no fan of mine, it would seem, as the hisses and claws come out when I go to check on her.  Yep, another animal in the house with the potential to do me harm.  Whee.  Klunk, Hannah's boy, has lived here before, of course, and is a fairly chill little guy, so there isn't too much work to be done with him.  Of course, Time is still the Big Ingredient for him with Lily and Erin and Madeleine and Riley.  Still, there are occasional glimpses of hope:

My fingers have really been bothering me the last couple of days.  There is no way to describe the sensation;  I hope it means that the nerves are healing.  Cuts and other wounds often itch as they heal --- maybe what I'm feeling is the nerve equivalent of that.  In a lot of ways. I'm having more difficulty doing things now than right after this whole thing happened.  

I had to go out this morning and buy extra cat litter.  When I got home and out of the car, I realized that, honestly, anyone who knows me would be able to identify it as mine, just by looking at the back:
That's all so very me, wouldn't you say?


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