There has been too much sadness lately for me to conjure up the willingnesss to blog.  My day-to-day life remains as constantly mundane as ever, so there hasn't been cause to write about that, either.

I will say this.  So many people seem to think that removing one flag from one building is going to put an end to all that has happened in the last week.  Or the last 150 years.  Lots of people are going to call it progress --- and it is --- but then they're going to let it go at that.  I'm a 55-year-old Southern white woman.  I've been to this dance before.  

The Confederate flag has always twisted my guts.  I've never seen any glory in it at all.  But moving it down is not going to move the real issue forward.  It's HATE that must be expunged


  1. I agree...the flag needs to go but it's just a symptom of a bigger issue. And I'm sorry to hear that sadness has taken up residence at your house. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  2. I agree. Flags are a symbol, not the root cause.


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