Hard. Truth.

Both my children are struggling with Real Life Stuff right now.  And, as if RLS wasn't hard enough just by itself, their Real Life Stuff slammed into them like sledgehammers.

Mothers always want to help.  Sometimes we help too much.  Sometimes, even though it pains us, we know we can't help.  We shouldn't.

Real Life never gets easy.


  1. I'm sorry they are experiencing some Real Life Stuff. My son had some RLS this week and it was so painful to watch him struggle. It was so hard to step back and not rush in and try to fix it for him. I can only hope that he learned from his mistake and that he doesn't need to go through this particular RLS again.

  2. Darn it- so sorry to hear it. When your kids are getting slammed with life, it is so awful, hurts so much. I'm hope it'll pass as quickly and painlessly as possible- for all of you. If I can help, just let me know.

  3. I hope that there is a wee bit of light somewhere this morning.


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