Can't Keep Up

I have "enrolled" in a lot of websites over the years, and some I invariably forget about.  I have to remind myself that I'm on Pinterest, for example.  There are a certain set of sites I visit each day, and anything out of that routine I just lose track off.

For instance, I had completely forgotten that I had an account at Hub Pages.  I got an e-mail today telling me about a change in some protocols or something there, or I still wouldn't have remembered it.  I checked in, though, and found this.  I kind of like it:

Tentative Creative Steps

When I was a young teenager, my mother tried to teach me to knit. Her mother had taught her, as she had been taught by her mother, and so own back as far as I know. The first attempt was when I thought knitting was desperately uncool, and, even though I understood what she was showing me, I acted as if I didn't. Mama was exasperated, but I was getting out of something I found akin to learning how to churn butter. (Which, by the way, I was also taught to do.)
As stubborn and unyielding as I was then, I am now so very disappointed that I didn't start knitting those 10 to 15 years earlier. So much teen angst and (real or imagined) drama could have been handled with the simple click of needles.
Knitting, in case you are unaware, is extremely meditative. In addition to appealing to your sense of creativity and love of color. Dive in. The yarn is fine.


  1. It is absolutely healing for me. I love to knit. I love to think about what to knit. I love to find the yarn . The WHOLE love love it.

  2. There is lots of research to back this up. Too bad the rest of the population doesn't read the same research we do.


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