Friday, April 17, 2015

Working Toward Something

Well, these two aren't really working toward anything, but I'm trying to.

My third Mother Bear bear.  I tried their skirt pattern on this one;  it's rather fetching.  I've still got to block the hem down, but I'm happy with her.

I was looking through the Stitches South book a few days ago, and came across an ad for this organization.  They're going to have a booth there, accepting elephants.  I made one up the other day, and am working on another right now.  They work up in a jiffy, and are dadgum cute.


  1. Aww mother bear and skirt are really really cute.
    Elephant and link are interesting .
    I love the FACE you stitched on mother bear. Great work

  2. That elephant stole my whole heart. You are awesome.


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