When I started going through my computer "routine" this morning, one of the first things I read was an e-mail from my friend Jo Morohashi.  A lot of you here know Jo, having found/met her on your own, or through a swap.  You know she is as caring, generous, calm and sweet a soul as there is.

Her e-mail this morning was to let us know that her husband, Ron, had died.  He had been sick for a long while, fighting with Erdheim-Chester Syndrome.  Some of us know all too well that, even when you are living with a killing disease, that final moment still comes as a shock.

I've stopped a lot today to think about Jo --- wondering how she's doing, hoping she is taking care of herself while having to take care of so many other things.  Mostly, though, I was hoping she was, somehow, sensing that her friends are heartsick for her, and would do anything they could to help her through this.

If you can, please stop and think about Jo.  Hold her up in whatever way you can.  She deserves it.


  1. Holding your friend Jo in my heart and thoughts. I'm sorry. I hope you are managing as well. Hugs.

  2. Sadly, she has to endure the grief. I know you can be so caring because you have been there too, sadly.
    I just said a prayer for her.


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