Giving It Away, But Not

As I said the other day, the Boot Shoot is coming to an end.  But I have a question.

I have some cowboy-boots-shaped rainboots.  Should they be included in the count?  Leave your opinion in the comments section, and I'll have a Random Number Generator choose a commenter to receive some nice yarn.  

These are the last (latest) pair I bought.
The embroidery work is so beautiful, don't you think?
I'm not a particular devotee of dragonflies, but these are lovely.  And, again, so different from anything else I have.

For those who responded to yesterday's post, the Battle still looms, and Mama Bear is increasingly angry, and ready to strike.


  1. Of course the cowboy boot-shaped rainboots should be included! We want to see EVERYTHING! ;-)

  2. Of course you would include the rain boots with the other cowboy boots!

  3. Cowboy boot galoshes - yes.
    Cowboy boot-shaped salt and pepper shakers -yes.
    Cowboy boot-shaped everything - yes.

  4. Oh my goodness, ABSOLUTELY include the rain boots!! ;)


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