. . .And A Pink Carnation

Most of you, I think, know that I grew up around horses and horse shows.  My father was Ringmaster at some shows, Announcer at others, Judge at still more.  And every weekend that there were some left over, I got extra show ribbons.  These aren't mine, but it's a fair representation of my room during show season:

The other things I would always get were Daddy's boutonnieres.  A fresh one each night of a show, and, virtually always a carnation.  To this day, the sight of a single carnation can make me tear up.  It was, therefore, a no-brainer when I saw these boots:
I'm well aware that these are probably actually peonies or something (I don't know from flowers).  But in my mind and in my heart, these are my Daddy's Carnation boots.


  1. You got me with these- thank you for the story. Hugs.


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