They Started It

All the Christmas decorations are boxed up, and most of them have been put back into the closet in Hannah's room.  Two big bins wait in the hall.

As I dug further into the box of letters and cards I mentioned yesterday, I discovered loads of letters from high school friends.  The very nice thing is that I'm still in touch with several of them, including, of course, Shari.

These are the boots I wore to Ms. Tamale's Thanksgiving get-together.  The ones that got her to say, "Why don't you put one picture of your boots up every day?"
Do you think she knew I"d have over a month's worth to show?
How about you?  Do you think we'll get to 40?


  1. Are you the taller one or the shorter one? I love to put a face with the name of a blogger.

    Those boots are fabulous! So different from most cowboy boots.

  2. dang, another new favorite......I LOVE this post theme.
    Keep them coming and NO I never thought you' d have so many!

  3. I'm the shorter one with the much rounder face than now! And Kim, which boots were you wearing at the concert?


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