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Remember the green boot cuffs I blogged about a while ago?  I made them with a yarn so soft and lovely to work with?  Well, there was quite a bit left over after the cuffs, so I made myself a cowl:
It's just remarkable yarn. Neighborhood Fiber Company is in my bookmarks now.

How much gift-wrapping have you done?  I did a wee little bit today: something for Hannah, for her housemate, and for Briton's girlfriend.  Perhaps I'll be spurred on to do some more tomorrow.

What TV show(s) are you binge-watching lately?  I'm all about "Hack" and re-watching Season One of "Ripper Street."  Both can get tense, so there's a good deal of this going on:
Even Finn goes on Alert:

Do you realize this is the 18th day of the Boot Shoot, and we're a long way from being done?
Should I be embarrassed, or proud?


  1. Proud of course.
    Finn is too too cute.
    Keep on!


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