Looks Like It

Cold and gray outside today, which makes it feel like Christmas.  Since we so very rarely have snow for it, weather that looks/feels like maybe it might snow is what makes the season.  Even a sunny Christmas doesn't seem "right," unless the sun is shining on some snow.

Wrapping has commenced.  It's always been my habit to wrap a few gifts each day so that the amount of presents under the tree changes noticeably day to day.

My crafting readers will appreciate what happened yesterday.  Hannah asked if I could pick her up from work, as she needed to pick something up here.  Her housemate, it turns out, asked Hannah if she could teach her to knit, so she could make scarves for her boyfriend and his family.  She asked Hannah on Friday.  Now, Hannah has grown up watching the time knitting takes --- she knits herself!  But here she was, a steadfast friend, going through my yarn to find some that would work.  Everyone's intentions here are good, but, come on.

Today's boots, to me, have clean, elegant lines:

Let's not kid ourselves, though --- we all know what sold them was the purple underlay.


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