Eve Eve

My donations-to-charities-instead-of-sending-Christmas-cards came to an end yesterday, with a donation to Heifer International.  Thank all of you who have helped me through this year, and know that you are now helping others.

I still haven't come across those boxes of cards.

My son came by last night to pick up some wrapping paper, and, after he left, I realized that was the only roll of paper I had.  (Cue Hugh's facepalm again.)  So this morning, I slipped into CVS and bought more.  My mother taught me the advantage of drug stores at Christmas.  No one goes to them much, and they have tons of other-types-of-stores stuff.  If there's one near you and not at the end of a heavy traffic route, you are good to go.  And now, I am in the house until we go to the live Nativity tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll be throwing a little extra into the Boot Shoot.  I got some nice compliments on yesterday's;  that pair really is stunning in person, and absolutely nothing like any other pair I own.

An older pair today, framing our lovely Madeleine:
No skirt or gifts under the tree yet, as all the pets like to investigate the property.  Wrapping paper gets torn, the skirt gets mussed, hairballs are expelled. . .  It'll all be pretty tomorrow night.


  1. Last year I used the last of the wrapping paper I inherited from my mother. Who died in 1984. That shows how much wrapping paper she had.

  2. Same here.. Santa doesnt put the presents out under the tree until breakfast on the 25th! Love your CVS thoughts..you had a wise mom


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