Nice Things

I started seeing this commercial over the weekend, and, I have to say, Santa is looking good.

Still waiting on word from a handful of TIS participants.  I will say that those from whom I have heard have been really happy with their gifts.  One participant sent some yarn she had spun herself, and the participant who received it has already knit it into a great hat!

We have had a couple of days here where the wind has been stout and chilly, and underneath every deciduous tree is a wonderful colorful carpet of leaves.

Today is KnitCrate Day.

I hadn't heard of the Scarf-in-a-Scarf kit.  Two skeins of yarn and a silk scarf, all dyed identically.  You knit a scarf with spaces through which to thread the silk.  Very clever.

Gripe du Jour:  I'm not in my hometown (where it is snowing) watching Monday Night Football in person.  The game is between my two favorite teams.


  1. I received my package in yesterday's mail, and will open it today! (I hope you got yours by now ...)

  2. I'll very happily be his Mrs. Claus! :)


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