Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Firstly, this week's Nominator winner is Kelli.  I don't have your new address, Kelli, so can you send it to me? Those of you who haven't, please go by her etsy shop to see her amazing handiwork.

Secondly, going into the Quarterfinals are
Julianna Margulies
Nathan Fillion
Harper Lee
Ryan Gosling
Helen Mirren

Thirdly, it is Tiebreaker Day.  This one pair is pretty much holding up the whole tournament.  So selfish.  Like they want us to keep looking at, and thinking about, only them.  Brother.  They're two rounds behind everyone else.  "Look at me. . .  Look at me. . ." 

So, here are a lot of pictures, to help you decide, and to fuel their massive egos.  Sheesh.


  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Mike Rowe

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