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Brackets are all filled.  The first day's post is done and ready to be published.  It's going to be a hell of a deal working with this new pollmaker;  that's already abundantly clear.

The chief issue is going to be times for cutting-off voting.  The software I've always used had that option built-in.  This site doesn't.  So we're going to free-wheel the first day, at least.  Voting will end at noon (ET) the day after the poll appears.  That's also when the new ones will go up.  If that raises too many problems, we'll tinker.

Other than that, we're ready to launch.       

A brief reminder of the "rules" of voting:
1.  Have fun.
2.  One vote per pair per day.  No need to be greedy or unfair here.
3.  Because it's all just to have fun.
4.  Additional, outside research on a nominee (Googling other images, watching TV or movies, looking clips up on You Tube) is all a voter's right.
5.  Because that will make it more fun.
6.  Some eye-rolling, pearl-clutching and deep sighing is allowed, even expected.
7.  Because some of the choices will be difficult, but still fun.
8.  Open campaigning is fine.
9.  Just have fun with it.
10.  The owner/operator of the contests reserves the right to ban a voter, or declare any race invalid or over and done at any time.
11.  If someone starts taking the fun out of it.
12.  Only people who submitted nominees are eligible for prizes, but anyone can vote.
13.  That means more fun.
14.  Go forth, be civil, convivial, and HAVE FUN, DAMMIT.


  1. Can't wait to see the first bracket!!! Thanks for putting this all-together!!

  2. absolutely **itching** to get started!


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