I've Worked My Way North

And am in the very comfy den of my best friend Shari.  Nice flight up from Atlanta, though
I had a window seat.  Not the best place for an acrophobe like me.  I don't like seeing the planet fall away from me.  But I did get this nice picture.

It was a good flight, I was surprisingly un-stressed.  Son drove me to the airport, I could relax before take-off, and being with Shari is just as easy as you can imagine.

We did make one stop between the Philadelphia airport and Allentown.  My long-time friend Bridget works Sunday afternoons in a yarn store in downtown Philadelphia, and Shari was kind enough to take me by to see her.  Pen-pals-turned-Internet-friends actually meet in real life!

I even met Dug the Doodle Dog!

And, in a remarkable meeting of two worlds, Bridget and Shari bonded over the adorable Greta.

It's been a good day.


  1. I can't believe we got to finally meet!

    BTW, once the cats had checked Dug's bone, and determined that they wanted NO part of it, he played with it happily the rest of the night. :-)

    Thanks for thinking of him, and enjoy your trip - especially the concert!

  2. I'm so happy for you and Bridget!!

  3. so happy for you !!! You deserve some fun time!!!


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