A Drawn Line

Teaching Sociology as long as I did, I was involved in a lot of discussions about a lot of societal and cultural rights and wrongs.  Very, very sadly, a lot of those discussions were about guns and gun violence.

It was always my goal to get my students to understand that the vast majority of human behavior is too vastly complicated to be reduced to a single cause.  I sought to teach my children the same thing.

Were I teaching now, I've no doubt I could go into the classroom and give measured, reasonable, and plausible explanations of the murders and the murderer near Santa Barbara, California.  

But I'm not teaching.

I am still a mom.  And my daughter has been savagely affected by what happened there.  She has been struggling to deal with all that went on there, and none of my cool objectivity can help her a single bit.  When she finished a tweet with the hashtag "I Am At Risk," my heart shattered.

What are we doing to each other?  Why won't/can't we stop?


  1. hug her tight for me, even if long distance.e THe world IS still a caring place


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