For as long as I can remember, that distinctive sound of the mail truck arriving has made me happy.  Mail could bring almost anything: letters, packages, books, a Weekly Reader. . .  I've never not looked forward to opening the mailbox and seeing what was inside.


Last week, the mail brought me very good things.

A wedge bag from JessaLu.  I've bought a lot of her box bags over the years, for myself and for gifts, and they're tremendous, but the wedge may very well be my favorite.

On the same day, the always-welcome red envelope from KnitCrate. (This one contained mini-skeins of Three Irish Girls' yarn).  And my newsletter from ECAD, which featured a picture of Vandy, the service dog I got to name. She's the one in the top photo --- you can kind of see the Vanderbilt star bag I sent to her.  She and her littermates (all named for colleges/college mascots) are called the "Captivators" because their mother's name is "Captiva."

In addition to KnitCrate, I also subscribe to yarnbox.  (I haven't needed to buy yarn in forever.  Probably won't have to buy much ever again.)  This month, gorgeous shades of turquoise:

I also received letters from two friends.  I've had pen pals for most of my life, and have made great friends through the mail.  Do you still write letters?  They're a dying art;  each one a little gem.


  1. I send cards……not just e cards. But letters are pretty much emails now here…love your mail!

  2. I haven't sent a real letter in a very long time. My mom had a pen pal that she started writing to when they were teenagers. They kept writing until my mom got too old and sick to write letters. I really wish they had saved them!

  3. Oh, cute design on that wedge bag! I love mine, too!


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