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It's finally cold here.  That clear, sharp cold that smacks you in the face when you step outside.  Nothing like what other parts of the country are dealing with, and, of course, no snow, but cold anyway.

This particular cold has me wearing slippers, which I simply never do.  I've been a barefoot girl my whole life.  But these slippers are too cute not to wear:
Little sequins on the ears!

The scarf that I cast on with the $$ yarn didn't work out, so I landed on a hat for it:
To be perfectly honest, I don't see how what I have on the needles is going to wind up as that, but I'll stick with it a little longer.  The reason the scarf was abandoned was because the pattern had all sorts of errors, and I just didn't have the energy to sit and figure it out.

This is the yarn, in the exact colorway I have.  Hope you can see its sublime texture.  And, man, will it be warm.

Bought myself a little crockpot to, ideally, make some real food for myself.  It will serve to make queso dip tomorrow, as I watch the Compass Bowl, featuring my adored Vanderbilt football team.  Tonight, I polished my nails to match the shirt I'm going to wear while watching:
Anchor Down!


  1. I have crockpot love. Do give me your appetizer recipe . Its going to snow 6 inches tonight and hit minus 13 for a HIGH on Monday. I need me some crockpot


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