This photo applies to much of the country right now;  I hope you're all warm and safe.
An iceberg that looks like Hershel Greene.  Almost worth the polar air.

kmkat posted this, and I find it rather true.  How about you?

The tasseled hat that I was working on with the yak/wool yarn is done.  I'll try to remember to post a picture once it's blocked and seamed up.

I'm making myself a pair of Frankensocks --- socks made from leftover sock yarn.  I reach into the bag where all my leftovers are, and use whatever I take out.  It doesn't matter if the colors are garish together --- that's sort of what makes them Frankensocks.

Today, it would seem, is Norman Reedus' birthday.  I first saw him years ago in a film called "Dark Harbor," with Alan Rickman.  Now, of course, he's Daryl on "The Walking Dead."  This is my favorite picture of him.  Happy Birthday, Norman.


  1. It is sooo freezing here. School cancelled again tomorrow in our town. I want to get out. Im antsy…


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