During the Cold

Like a lot of you, I'm guessing, I've been bundled up in my house.  The time has been used to knit and read and compute and watch movies and play Papa Pear Saga.

After three non-fiction books in a row (Wave, which was heartbreaking, and two by Clint Hill, both of which were heartbreaking), I'm about to start a novel.  Yes --- me!  Reading fiction!  It's called The Yard, and is set in Victorian London, a period which I've always been, for whatever reason, robustly drawn to.

I'm almost finished with the second Frankensock, and have cast on for this:
It's from Berroco, and is called "Skagit."  I'm making it in a nice dove gray.

I did have a shawl underway, with some yarn a friend sent me, but had to abandon it after what I can only assume was a feline made a comfy bed out of it.  Pets, huh?


  1. That is a beautiful sweater. You go for it! I cannot read sad books or watch sad movies. Too much angst for me. I haven't been able to in years…I think my work has been too sad for too long with the premies and all...


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