This Happens Every. Single. Year.

I start Christmas shopping, as I've said, when I'm doing my son's birthday shopping in October.  Some things I buy even earlier, as both my children tend to ask for things that must be shipped.  All well and good.  I get my little list going of what I've bought for whom, and the holidays are off. . .

Inevitably, those things I buy early disappear.  As in, I hide them, and then forget where they are.  Honestly.  I've found Christmas-intended gifts up to two weeks after Christmas.

This year, what's missing (so far) is the only thing I've bought for my son's girlfriend.  With it (I can only assume;  maybe there are two lost things) are some little things I bought for my children's stockings.  This is maddening because their stockings are all but impossible to fill.

Today, as I was working on the back for a sweater I'm knitting, I realized I didn't know where I had put the finished front.  

Who DOES these kind of things?  I spent almost an hour looking for that danged thing.  I was almost to the point of just chucking the back, and giving up on the whole idea, when one more possibility came to mind.  Behind.  The.  TV.

So the sweater is still on, but I've got to come up with something else for the girlfriend.


  1. I do pretty well, though have occasionally "lost" something, replaced it, and then of course found the original thing.

    My mother used to always lose a gift - but the thing is, she would insist that she had seen you open it. Then two months later ...

    Good luck!

  2. How funny, Kim! You must be REALLY good at hiding things. Me, I'm the sort that I can't keep a single gift a secret, because I'm so excited to give them away that I rarely last until Christmas. Just last week I ordered a small stocking stuffer for Joey and I've already given it to him.

  3. Oh you are NOT alone!! kim I hid some gifts last year and I didnt find them until MAY

  4. This happens to me all the time. I put someting somewhere so I'll be sure to find it. This is the sure fire way to lose it. The worst part is, I never used to be like this. And if I think really hard about it, I know exactly where it is in the house in Virginia that I haven't lived in since 2002...

  5. I have lost my iPod at least 4 times in the last month, twice for over a week. My phone was lost for a couple weeks. My iPad disappears almost daily, but it is large enough that I find it. Sucks to lose one's memory.


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