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Eighteenth Day (Do-Over)

In the mood for a re-vote?*
Because Jamie Lee Curtis and Tina Fey wound up in an exact tie, and before we can move on, we need to settle that.  So. . .
Seventy-sixth Pair

*Semifinals tomorrow.  Happy Birthday to Barry Gibb today.

Seventeenth Day

Who's winning the office pool?*

Seventy-second Pair
Seventy-third Pair
Seventy-fourth Pair

Seventy-fifth Pair

*Our first Semifinalists:
Liam Neeson
Isabella Rossellini
Maggie Smith
Denzel Washington

Seven of you are still in the running for the Knitters' Chick prize, five for Knitters' Hunk.  I may need to come up with some tiebreakers!

Sixteenth Day

It's getting real now, huh?*  These votes are to see who goes into the Semifinals!  ( I KNOW!)
Sixty-eighth Pair
Sixty-ninth Pair
Seventieth Pair
Seventy-first Pair

*Yesterday's Winners:
Jamie Lee Curtis
Mark Harmon
Rashida Jones
Zachary Levi

Fifteenth Day

Did you sleep well last night?*
Sixty-fourth Pair
Sixty-fifth Pair
Sixty-sixth Pair
Sixty-seventh Pair

*While you slept, the following were declared winners:
Craig Ferguson
Rachel Maddow
Denzel Washington
Helen Mirren

Fourteenth Day

Are your favorites still in?*
Sixtieth Pair
Sixty-first Pair
Sixty-second Pair
Sixty-third Pair

*For a lot of you, the answer is "Yes."  Nine nominators are left in both the Hunk and Chick contests!
Yesterday's winners:
Maggie Smith
Daniel Craig
Cate Blanchett
Liam Neeson

Thirteenth Day

Fifty-sixth Pair
Fifty-seventh Pair
Fifty-eighth Pair
Fifty-ninth Pair

*This year has been something --- intriguing match-ups, surprise winners, former champs beaten down, the hardest time ever finding similar photos for nominees, and then that stupid bookkeeping mistake.  (Which we are simply going to play through, thanks to the graciousness of the slighted nominator.)
Yesterday's winners:
Robert Sean Leonard
Tina Fey
Ewan McGregor
Isabella Rosellini


It's been brought to my attention that at least one Knitters' Hunk nominee never showed up in the tournament draw.  Have any of you noticed one of your nominees missing?  We are down to the final sixteen entries, so if you nominated someone and haven't seen him yet, I overlooked him.  I am so, so very sorry for my sloppy bookkeeping.  Please let me know right away if I've left anyone else out.  We will decide what to do then. ~KSD

Twelfth Day


Nice weekend?*  Here are your first Quarterfinalists!
Fifty-second Pair
Fifty-third Pair
Fifty-fourth Pair
Fifty-fifth Pair

*Yesterday's winners:
Mark Harmon
Maria Bartiromo
Peter Capaldi
Aisha Tyler
Denzel Washington

Eleventh Day


It's gettin' kinda hot in here, don't you find?*

Forty-seventh Pair

Forty-seventh Pair
Forty-seventh Pair
Forty-eighth Pair
Forty-ninth Pair

Forty-seventh Pair Fiftieth Pair
Fifty-first Pair

*Yesterday's Winners: Michael Pitt
Ewan McGregor
Yvonne Strahovski
Nathan Fillion
Tommy Lee Jones

After voting is done today, we will have the Sweet Sixteen for both Hunks and Chicks.  I may take tomorrow (Monday) off --- some family issues.  But we will definitely have our champions within a week and a half or so.  Eleven nominators are still in the hunt for the Knitters' Chick prize, and twelve for the Knitters' Hunk.  And what prizes they are: thank you to everyone who has donated something for the packages.

Tenth Day

How are things?*

Forty-second Pair

Forty-third Pair

Forty-fourth Pair

Forty-fifth Pair

Forty-sixth Pair

*I suspect they're pretty good if someone you nominated is still in one, or both, of the contests.  That means you're still in the running for a prize package! 

Yesterday's winners:
Robert Sean Leonard
Anna Kendrick
Zachary Levi
Rashida Jones
Craig Ferguson

Let's keep this momentum going, shall we?

Ninth Day


Thirty-seventh Pair
Thirty-eighth Pair
Thirty-ninth Pair
Fortieth Pair
Forty-first Pair

*Yesterday's winners:
Jon Hamm
Jamie Lee Curtis
Daniel Craig
Alyssa Milano
George Clooney

Is it just me, or are the match-ups this year particularly intriguing?

Eighth Day

Feeling strong?*
Thirty-second Pair
276/">Thirty-third Pair
Thirty-fourth Pair
Thirty-fifth Pair
Thirty-sixth Pair

Yesterday's winners:
Alan Rickman
Maggie Smith
Sam Neill
Michelle Williams 
Liam Neeson

If I'm doing this right, both the Hunks and the Chicks should be down to the Sweet Sixteen by Sunday.  So, maybe another week, give or take, until we know our champions!  And until the winning nominators are crowned!!

Seventh Day

Shouldn't we be resting?*
Twenty-seventh Pair
Twenty-eighth Pair
Twenty-ninth Pair
Thirtieth Pair
Thirty-first Pair

*Yesterday's winners:
Tommy Lee Jones (by one vote)
Denzel Washington (by one vote)
Nathan Fillion
Mike Rowe

One week in, and two former Hunks have been dispatched in Round One!  And, for the first time, no Hugh Laurie, no Patrick Stewart, no Colin Firth.  Jeremy Irons, George Clooney, Mark Harmon, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Mike Rowe and Denzel Washington, on the other hand, have been nominated every year.  Stay tuned!

Sixth Day

Who dat?*
Yesterday's matches were the closest yet, with the exception of Gary Oldman's win.  So thankful so many of you are voting.  And the best is yet to come!

Twenty-third Pair

Twenty-fourth Pair

Twenty-fifth Pair

Twenty-sixth Pair

*Yesterday's winners:
Javier Bardem (57.7%)
Michael Pitt (55.6%)
Robert Sean Leonard (63%)
Peter Capaldi (53.9%)
Gary Oldman (88%)

Fourth Day

Everything good?*

Thirteenth Pair

Fourteenth Pair

Fifteenth Pair

Sixteenth Pair

Seventeenth Pair

*Yesterday's winners:
Rachel Maddow
Bradley Cooper (who was in a dead tie until late last night)
Cate Blanchett
Jeremy Irons

Third Day


Still with me?*

Ninth Pair

Tenth Pair

Eleventh Pair

Twelfth Pair

*Yesterday's winners:
Harrison Ford
Tina Fey
Kit Harrington
Helen Mirren

Second Day

Polls Closed

How's it going so far?*
Fifth Pair
Sixth Pair
Seventh Pair
Eighth Pair

*Yesterday's winners: Angelina Jolie James Garner Meryl Streep James Callis

First Day


I wish there were some big dramatic, pull-back-the-curtain-to-a-big-fanfare way to start this, but all I can say is GO!
First Pair
Second Pair
Third Pair
Fourth Pair

It Begins

The seedings are as follows: HUNK 1.  Liam Neeson 2.  Benedict Cumberbatch 3.  Sam Neill 4.  Alan Rickman 5.  Daniel Craig 6.  Mike Rowe
CHICK 1.  Maggie Smith 2.  Meryl Streep 3.  Helen Mirren 4.  Zooey Deschanel 5.  Tina Fey 6.  Rashida Jones
No one else had more than one nomination, which accounts for the seedings not going to 8, as they usually do.
The Fedora of Fate and the brackets won't be empty for long. . .

Now to Work

If I'm going to run a Knitters' contest, I suppose I should do some knitting.
Making this out of some dreamy lemon cloud yellow cotton/soy yarn.
And this out of this: a viscose, mohair, nylon blend.  If I like the fit, I'm going to make several, some using sock yarn as in the photo.
Speaking of pretty things on the needles, my Twinnie is making a cowl of her own design which shows how positively glorious variegated yarn can be.  I've always been drawn to variegateds, for some reason.
The final totals are 50 men in the Knitters' Hunk field, and 33 in Knitters' Chick.  I'll have the seeds for you tomorrow, will be drawing up the brackets soon, and voting will begin on Thursday.  Just let me say, I'm very impressed with the range of nominees this year.  And, like most of you (I suspect), I keep thinking of people I should have nominated. . .

Still Taking Nominations

But not for too terribly much longer.  11:59 tomorrow night (Eastern time) is the deadline.  Then I will start working on seedings and the draw, aiming for voting to begin next Thursday, August 15th.
For those of you new to the parties, we do vote on weekends.  If there is going to be a day when polls are closed, I'll be sure and let you know.  Otherwise, assume there will be new match-ups each day, with voting ending, again, at 11:59 PM that night.

Getting There

Nominations still coming in. . .  To Lorette, Bridget and Kathy, who have given the contests shout-outs on their blogs and facebook:

One issue has come up a couple of times already, and I want to address it.  You can nominate someone whom someone else has nominated.  In fact, it makes it a little easier --- seedings, where people's names will go in the tournament draw --- are based on how many nominations they get.  Well, the seeds after the previous winners, of course.  So, truly --- REALLY --- nominate who you want, who you feel is most deserving.  If there's a tie at the end of the contest, well. . .  I always cook up a crazy-type tiebreaker. . .
Again, the seeds below are set.  Just waiting for you to fill in any more: HUNKS 1.  Liam Neeson 2.  Benedict Cumberbatch 3.  Sam Neill 4.  Alan Rickman
CHICKS 1.  Maggie Smith 2.  Meryl Streep

So Far

As I type this, I have received 22 nominations for Knitters' Hunk and 12 nominations for Knitters' Chick.  A little low, it seems, but I realize folks may need these days to come to decisions.  I will say, though, that the names that have been coming in include some really interesting first-timers.  
Have YOU nominated yet?  Have you helped spread the word?  Cool prizes, you know.  And getting to look at awesome men and women for a few weeks. . .   Or a few days, depending on the number of nominees. . .


(Leave your nominations in "Comments."  Remember not to nominate Leeson, MSmith, Cumberbatch, Streep, Neill or Rickman.  Off we go!)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Have you come up with your Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick nominees yet?

You can start nominating this Sunday (August 4th).  You can nominate up to three men and three women.  (I've actually just decided on my final names. . .)  Anxious to see who'll be in the contest this year!
Oh, and, tell your friends!