Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sick Bay

One of many peculiar things about me is that I cannot drink milk when I have a sore throat.  It just tastes funny.  Friday morning, I poured myself a glass of milk, took one sip and thought, "UH-OH."

My throat is disgustingly sore and gunky, my nose is stopped up, my head is pounding, going double-time when I cough (which is often.)

Nominations for Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick open one week from today.  Spread the word if you'd like --- on your own blogs, on Ravelry. . .   Wherever seems appropriate.

The Fedora of Fate* awaits.

*Actual Fedora of Fate not pictured;  I don't feel like getting up and finding a camera.

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