My Aunt Jig, one of Daddy's older sisters, died Friday.  She was 94, so it wasn't unexpected, but death is always a shock.  She was the last of Daddy's siblings.  Of the 12 aunts and uncles on that side of my family, only one aunt is left.

Friday was also the anniversary of Dale's death.  It's been 15 years.  Briton posted the following on facebook that day:
15 years ago today, my father died. Now, I have chronic depression and anxiety, an overwhelming fear of abandonment and the unknown, and a constant, desperate feeling of isolation.

Trying to handle a lot this weekend.  Feeling completely incapable.  Will not be able to make it to Nashville for the funeral, which quadruples the guilt.


  1. Oh , I think Aunty Jig will more than understand! Im so sorry you have missed your husband for 15 years. You are so brave. Briton may have felt that way even if dad hadn't died. It is n't because of YOU that she feels this way.


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