Are You Like Me?

When your son has passed along the stomach horror that has had him abed for the last 3 days, do you browse around on etsy, or cowboy boot sites, or online yarn shops?

Or do you think about the days when your son was little, and even then susceptible to high fevers?  And do you think about the number of times you've put him in the tub at ungodly hours to pour cool water on him and try to help him out?

And then does your mind go to both your children, when they were both little, and you remember having babies was so sweet:

But then you realize there were an awful lot of days like this:

And you down some Gatorade and ibuprofen, slump down onto the couch, and hope that your fever brings you warmly weird and satisfying dreams.


  1. YEs I follow those same lines of thought!!!!

    THe baby monkey is adorable....what is ti about them that I love so?

  2. No kids, so not so much, but get well soon!


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