Wow --- a week later.  There was a time when I could/would post every other day.  Are blogs going out of style?  Is it tumblr or nothing these days?

Not that I've had any earth-shattering news to report.  When you are clinically depressed and chronically unemployed, days pretty much run together as blurs of nothing getting done.

We did buy our Christmas tree.  A beautiful, big, fat one.  But I haven't drug myself up the stairs to pull the decorations out of Hannah's closet.  Must get the lights on it tomorrow, though.  Simply must.


  1. I'm getting over blogs a bit too. I think it is an effort>return thing.

  2. I still love my daily blogging...I'll probably be the last one standing!! ha ha

    Happy Christmas tree..glad you found beauty in one!

  3. I'm taking a break from my tumblr even. Just living life outside of the internet. Why I haven't been here in a while.
    Good for you on getting a tree though! It's December first! I should go dig ours out! Too. Lazy.
    Have a great weekend. <3


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