Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ever wonder how old I am?  Really, now --- have you ever sat down and 
just pondered?

Well, a big box of family pictures I found at my parents' might help you.

For one birthday, I received these two albums.  And my hair was decorated with a thick length of white  ropey-like-woolish-stuff.
(The red one says "The Partridge Family Album."  Geez.  I gotta lay bread crumbs out for you people.)

For Christmas one year, one glasses-wearing, POW-bracelet-sporting, hair-parted-in-the-middle-no-more-yarny-tiebacks, quilted-satin-psychadelic-robe Christmas, I got this:

Do your math.


  1. Teehee. That last picture is hilarious. SO you. :-)

  2. I say you are the SAME age as me!!!!!! Or younger than me. Im 52.


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