I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day.  We had some afternoon thunderstorms which made the animals pretty scarce, but it was an okay day.

Not a whole lot of voters yesterday, but those who did turn out moved Samantha Bee, Paul Rudd, Alan Rickman and Hugh Jackman ahead.  Let's see who'll join them, shall we?

Pair Fifty-Eight

Pair Fifty-Nine

Pair Sixty

Pair Sixty-One


  1. Tough ones today for the many good looking men, so little time...

  2. Lora --- I know. This is the point where it always, always gets maddeningly difficult. ;)

  3. I Love you Rob. I looked all over California for you last week.. Where were you???????

  4. Thinking of those blue eyes...sorry Mike Rowe, it's curtains for you.


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