Just A Little Taste

The first day of nominations brought quite a number of contenders, both male and female.  A sneak peek at a couple who are in the race:

And that is just the first day, my friends!

Kathy has been kind enough to mention the contest on her blog, and Camille has been a one-woman drum and bugle corps for this contest from the very beginning.  Thanks so much to them, and, if any of you want to give this silly little exercise a shout-out, I would be profoundly grateful.

For now, keep those nominations coming!


  1. Nathan Fillion
    Mike Rowe
    Daniel Craig

    Kate Middleton
    Emma Watson
    Michelle Obama

    *whew*--that was hard!

  2. Its starting to really shape up!!!

  3. Jeremy Irons, Joe Manganiello , Alexander Skarsgard

    Still thinking about the women...


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