Totally Overwhelmed

Is it still Tuesday?  I got up at 3 AM, drove to Nashville, walked into my parents' house, and discovered mice.  Everywhere.  So I had to call an exterminator.  Before I even set in on cleaning up and out a little.  Which I've done on and off all day --- I've just about run out of places to put the trash.  And you can't tell I've even been in any of these rooms.

I think this may be a job too big for me.  So, then what do I do?


  1. Hire handsome young college men to help?

  2. You have two kids. Is it too big a job for three of you?

  3. Marin, I basically have to look at everything and decide whether it stays or goes, so, even with them here, the big load is on me.

  4. I think social work within the county can help...if you want them to


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