Stream of Consciousness

1.  Why does ribbing take so blasted long to finish?
2.  And why do designers call for twisted rib, when you can rarely tell the difference anyway?`
3.  My girl crushes are Olivia Wilde, Sara Hess, Rachel Maddow and Rashida Jones.
4.  Why is the saying that money doesn't grow on trees?  Why not stalks?  Or stems?  Or directly out of the ground?
5.  I should start a list of the song that are in my head when I wake up each day.  Thursday, it was "Wanted, Dead or Alive."  Yesterday, "Another Saturday Night."  Today, "Horse With No Name."
6.  Still, if I have a free moment and don't have anything pressing to do, I think, "I'll call Mama."
7.  Knitting is still a chore --- I'll start a project, think things are going fine, and then find a mistake serious enough that makes me want to unravel the whole thing.  And start something else.
8.  Repeat #7.
9.  The only thing I've finished in several months is a simple garter-stitch shawl.
10.  No --- I take that back.  I got an order through hand eye for ten little cat toys.  Those I made without any problems.
11. The book I'm reading now is difficult to read, and difficult to put down.  It's infuriating: the profiteering, the lying, the disdain for decency that went on in Iraq.
12.  I'm still not looking for a job.  Or, at least, not scouring all the newspapers and websites like I had been.  My psychiatrist has added another drug to my daily intake, and he and I have tentatively --- very tentatively --- begun dancing around the idea of electroconvulsive therapy.
13.  But I have decided to try and get involved in some volunteer work around here.  It would get me out of the house, give me some sense of purpose, and give me new people to talk to.  I've only recently sent in the e-mail expressing interest, so I don't know where that might go.
14.  I so desperately need to go back to Nashville and check on the house, but I feel like I can't face it.
15.  Today is my 28th wedding anniversary.  I have been a widow for exactly the same amount of time I was a wife.


  1. Hang in there !! i believe in EST. Just saying
    and there is nothing wrong with a garter rock


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