Acquired Tastes

I do not drink coffee.  Yet coffee houses are, generally, places that I like.  Ironically, my two favorites (one old, one new) both have canine-inspired names.  There's Fido, near Vandy, in Nashville (the old) and Lost Dog Cafe, (the new), in Folly Beach.  (Although, I got the best white hot chocolate ever from Black Magic Coffee in Folly Beach.)

I do not remember ever having been to Charleston.  After going yesterday, I know I would remember, as it is so pretty.  (At least the parts of town I drove through.)  Just for an example, look at the stunning Charleston Bridge:

The reason I went into Charleston was knit.  An internet search had shown 3 yarn shops within easy driving distance of Folly Beach --- one which sounded more like a needlepoint store, two which were definitely knitting-heavy.  Knit. was the nearer, so I stopped on my way back.  And, OH. . .  Just OH.  It was a fantastic find, if only for the amazing clearance room (yes, clearance room.)  My budget had not been broken at the beach, so there were dollars left to spend.  Rather than try to tell, or show, what I got, I will do my best to keep you updated when I use something I got there.  If you are ever near enough to downtown Charleston --- and you're a knitter, of course --- you must, must, must treat yourself.

I have begun this pattern with this yarn in this colorway.  That is a pretty bad photo of the color --- it pops with turquoise.  Maybe I can get a nice picture of it myself.  At any rate, both the pattern and the yarn purchased at knit.

So, now I am back.  Look how much Madeleine missed me while I was gone --- look at the excitement at my having returned.


  1. Okay I MUST make that wrap! No yarn overs!!! Big needles...yes! Your yarn color choice is ocean like and wonderful WHat a great post


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